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Francesca Argentieri

Customer Success Manager – Customer Success

Most Human Company

At AutoUncle we're committed to creating The Most Human Company. And that starts with one person at a time.

We think there’s no better way to learn about who we are and how we work than to hear directly from our team members. 

So we asked some of our awesome colleagues like Francesca to share some of their thoughts and impressions so far in their journey with Autouncle, and what being part of The Most Human Company means to them. These are their words. 

Francesca Argentieri joined AutoUncle’s Milan team in June, 2021 before relocating to Aarhus. As the first female member of the Italian sales team, she has a unique perspective on diversity and opportunity at AutoUncle. The profile below is compiled from an interview and has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Last Edited October, 2021

Starting in a new industry by using familiar skills

Before AutoUncle, I had been working as an Account Manager in the travel industry in Milan. That work was obviously very strongly hit by Covid, and it made me realize I wanted to get some overseas experience. I ended up chatting with Troels who told me about the Customer Success Manager role as well as the company values. I was immediately amazed at the product as well as how the company manages people with the Most Human Company philosophy. 

I was interested in this job because of the digital marketing skills it required. I myself wasn’t worried about transitioning into the automotive sector. You need to be focused and committed to 360° partnership needs, and I thought I had experience with that.

At AutoUncle, the knowledge you need is really around digital marketing. Of course you will learn a lot about the auto industry as well, but those are the things, in case you’re not an expert, you have the chance to learn when you arrive. It’s much more important to have that strong background in marketing.

A more human onboarding 

When I first started, I expected to receive something like two weeks of onboarding and then I would be sent out to talk with customers. I had this idea that they hired me because they needed a person to take care of business right away. It was this idea of a big company with not enough staff. 

But actually the onboarding was designed to provide me with all the time needed to focus on learning everything about the company. I was told that I should really give it time to sink in. There was also this knowledge that September is a very busy month for the Italian market, so they wanted me to be prepared for that. 

I felt really grateful to have the time to learn everything. I was also glad that the first goals that we set for my role felt very reasonable. To me, this was a much more human approach. 

Meetings are better when they’re meaningful

Since starting at AutoUncle, I can say I really like how they organize one to one meetings — that is, individual meetings with your manager. I’ve had one-to-one meetings before in previous jobs, of course, but those were focused only on how I can help the company grow. They were much more focused on the business KPIs than on me.

Here it is much broader. First of all, you get a full hour just dedicated to your own goals and also what you want to achieve in your job. Moreover, there isn’t any formality or rush in doing it. You can take a walk or go have a coffee — you choose what to do. And then you can talk about your life and, of course, what goals you want to achieve at work. 

The secret to customer success

In my role I talk a lot with our customers. One thing I really like about the AutoUncle approach is that we treat our customers like real people — not just commercial entities. We really feel like it’s important to care about our customers in a human way. 

I want to understand how my customers do their job, how they deal with data, and offer them real advice for improving their business. This also fits in with my values because I want to be able to offer help to my customers, even if it’s slightly outside the scope of whatever services AutoUncle usually provides. 

Diversity helps us grow

In Italy I was part of a feminist association that offers professional development for young women. To me, diversity is important because it provides a balance. Diversity can help people think outside the box by putting together people with different sets of knowledge. 

Maybe there’s something one person doesn’t know how to do, but someone else from a different country or background or gender can help you. I think diversity can help you grow as a company and also as a person. 

I really appreciate that AutoUncle cares about how many women apply and are hired here in the different teams. They’re not just saying, “oh it’s not our fault,” or something — they’re taking a more inclusive approach. They’re questioning why that’s not happening and looking for things to do about it. They’re asking their employees and trying to find ways to find a better balance.

A letter of invitation to other women

Nowadays, there aren't many women in leadership roles, and the automotive industry is perceived as more male-dominated. This is something we can change, and AutoUncle wants to as well.

I would like to encourage more women to embrace the challenge — to be part of the change. I look forward to welcoming more women into this industry, so we can change the perspective that sees this as a “man’s world.”

To women who may be considering applying to AutoUncle I say don’t feel scared if you don’t have experience in the automotive industry. We’ll give you all the tools you need to learn and become knowledgeable. And at the end of the day, this job isn’t just about cars — it’s about digital marketing and how that can help dealerships and your colleagues.

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