Troels Majlund Kirkegaard

Troels Majlund Kirkegaard

Talent Acquisition Partner - Commercial & Corporate Functions – People Operations

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Troels Majlund Kirkegaard has been AutoUncle’s Talent Acquisition Manager since August 2019, working from the headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. In addition to recruiting, Troels acts as Office Manager, helping establish and operate AutoUncle’s numerous locations around Europe. The profile below is compiled from an interview and has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Last Edited January, 2021



Troels Majlund Kirkegaard, Talent Acquisition Manager and Father to two very energetic boys.



Many hats in many offices

As the Talent Acquisition Manager that means I’m in charge of recruiting and onboarding new Uncles and Aunts into AutoUncle. Right now I’m focusing on scaling the commercial side of the business — Sales, Customer Success, Technical Integration — internationally. That also means helping out opening up new offices, most recently in Milan, and acquiring knowledge about local employment law, contracts and tax regulations, etc. Talk about a steep learning curve!

I’m also the designated Office Manager, especially in Aarhus HQ (when we’re working there). I make sure all the practical stuff is working — including small details like new soap dispensers in the bathroom — so that the machine runs smoothly and the office environment is great. I want to make sure people have the equipment they need to do their best job. And that’s what really motivates me — enabling all of us to do that job. 

Scaling Up is Hard to Do

Before I joined AutoUncle, I was an HR Manager at another tech startup. And I actually connected with Jonas about five years ago because I tried to recruit him for another role. I’m not actually sure if he ever responded, but then later I saw via LinkedIn that he was looking for a Recruitment Specialist. 

I was curious because I could already see that AutoUncle was growing fast, adding a lot of people, but I couldn’t see anything about their plans for onboarding, development, or HR back office practicalities. 

So I reached out to Jonas and asked about their plans outside of just recruitment, because I could see they didn’t have anyone in an HR role or anything like that. He seemed to like that because I was right: they hadn’t really thought about what happens when you introduce so many new people into the operation. So we had a short call and then I went into the office to meet with him and Johan. 

Endless Opportunities

Johan, Jonas and I had a discussion about what the role should look like, and I really designed it for myself based on my past experience, but of course with recruitment as the focus. I knew somewhat how it should work as the company scaled up as I've been in a similar situation before — scaling up. And I could see that we needed some back office structure here. So I created my own title and the responsibilities to match. And I think that just shows that if you have the capabilities and the drive to do more than your job description, we are all for it. The opportunities are endless. 

People > Product > Profits

Right away I connected with the vision. And by that I mean this ambition to scale the business and conquer the world, while still being a great employer. And even though it wasn’t called this at the time, the idea about the most human company was already there. 

I could really feel something special. Just a lot of sincerity and curiosity, and a really good energy. I remember Johan staying at some point, “It’s people. It’s product. It’s profits. That’s the order we do things in.” That’s strong. And I really think that’s the truth. 

AutoUncle’s Uncle

Right now, of course, people ask me a lot of questions about COVID. They want to know if it’s ok to come into the office to pick up some equipment, for example, and I’m handling many of those small situations. But it’s important to remember that these questions are really important to the person asking. And I like that people know they can always ask me about anything. Not only about COVID or about getting a new keyboard, but also other work-related or personal things. I like to see myself as an Uncle at the office — someone who people can ask for advice. 

Culture Wars Collaborations

One thing I love about the AutoUncle culture is this ability to turn competitors into partners. It’s this collaborative mindset — we don’t limit ourselves anywhere. We see possibilities everywhere. 

On top of that, the managers here really lead by example. When we have meetings or presentations, they share that vulnerability through our check ins — and it’s sincere. It’s really something you won’t see top managers do anywhere else. They really share their thoughts and their feelings, and it inspires everyone to do the same thing. 

Learning How to Say No

One way I’ve grown as a human since starting at AutoUncle is learning how to stop or how to say no. Part of being human is understanding that we can’t do everything. We need to set some boundaries and focus. I’ve also grown in the sense of taking constructive feedback and criticism in a more constructive way, learning from it, and using it to become better.  So being able to say no to tasks or to people sometimes — that’s something I’ve gotten better at.

Dad, Fitness Buff, Head Banger 

I live in the outskirts of Aarhus with my wife and two very energetic boys who keep me on my toes and active. I also try to be in good shape, biking to work, running a few times a week, and hitting the gym/swimming pool when time allows. For me it's important to be in physically good shape to be mentally in shape, and I have created a few routines and found a couple of apps to make things a bit easier when the motivation is not there.

My most played music on Spotify is usually heavy metal. I listen to it while working — both on my laptop or doing some home improvements. 

When we’re able to travel again, I’ll be on the first flight to Mallorca.

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